Melting from Beneath
VIDEO 2018
The collaboration for the video Melting from Beneath began after the completion of the eponymous 2016 painting by Spatz-Rabinowitz as part of her Arctic Abrasions series.  The original painting is over five feet tall and crammed with detail, demanding a closer, slower look, and warranting detailed examination of the work’s painted, photographic, and three-dimensional aspects. In response to it, composer/sound artist Karen Power produced a full musical score lasting eleven minutes.
Below is a two-minute prevue made solely for promotional purposes.  Viewing is enhanced by watching in full screen and with earphones whenever possible. The film may be seen in its entirety by contacting the artist.
Karen Power is a prominent Irish composer/sound artist, based in Cork, Ireland. She and Spatz-Rabinowitz were colleagues at the artist expeditionary residency in the Arctic in 2013, where Power amassed an extensive collection of field sound recordings. In November 2017 she spent eight days in Spatz-Rabinowitz’s studio, setting up a temporary sound studio to work with her library of Arctic field recordings while scrutinizing the painting.
Spatz-Rabinowitz directed the video using stills and videos of the painting made by Stewart Clements and Benjamin del Guercio, assisted in animation by Christen Shea.
Stills from Video
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