In 2013 I travelled to the high Arctic up the western coast of Svalbard, seeking brilliant blue and white ice but finding much more: a place of searing beauty and isolation, extraordinary colors, and more evidence of human industrial activity than I'd anticipated. I returned home with over two thousand digital photographs.

Photo Paintings on Hydrocal (2017)

I seek to make photographic images that retain information yet also breathe as tactile, haptic surfaces. Forcing an intimate bond between photography and painting. I make photos over again after painting. The hybrid nature of my work results in a sometimes seamless, sometimes confounding perception: are these images constructed by pixel or by stroke?

The work is three-dimensional in nature, created on cast Hydrocal bas reliefs with fissures, disruptions, and abrasions — all metaphoric strategies to address the dissolution, disappearance, and demise of the Arctic.